Office of Economic Vitality

Committee: [\kə-ˈmi-tē] (n) a body of persons delegated to consider, investigate, take action on, or report on some matter

Economic Vitality Leadership Council

Members of the Economic Vitality Leadership Council are responsible for meeting meeting quarterly to increase the community’s competitiveness across the six economic development initiatives, provide advice upon implementation of the strategic plan, encourage collaboration across all sectors of the community, recommend improvements to improve competitiveness, and engage members of the Economic Vitality Competitiveness Council to pursue specific objectives and strategies through taskforce models. Members of this committee do not consider or approve funding for projects or programs.

  • Steve Evans, Chair
  • Kim Moore, Vice-Chair
  • Ricardo Schneider
  • Kathleen Daly
  • Jake Kiker
  • Bill Smith
  • Cissy Proctor
  • Katrina Rolle
  • Mark O’Bryant
  • Mitch Nelson
  • Mindy Perkins
  • Dr. Temple Robinson
  • Garry Simmons
  • Keith Bowers

MWSBE Citizens Advisory Committee

  • Terrance Barber
  • Ted Parker
  • Christi Hale Sparkman
  • Barbara Wescott
  • Saralynn Grass
  • Wayne Mayo
  • LaRoderick McQueen
  • Brenda Williams
  • Kenneth Talte
  • Frank Williams

* Member’s term ends May 2018.

Competitive Projects Cabinet

The Competitive Projects Cabinet is responsible for meeting as necessary to review competitive economic development projects in accordance with economic development policy

  • Reese Goad
  • Vincent Long
  • Steve Evans