Statistical Digest
Economic Vitality

Statistical Digest for Tallahassee-Leon County


Population Estimates and Projections PDF | Excel
Age and Sex (Leon County) PDF | Excel
Race and Ethnicity (Leon County) PDF | Excel
Components of Population Change (Leon County) PDF | Excel
Growth by Age Group (Leon County) PDF | Excel
Tallahassee MSA Population by Age and Sex PDF | Excel
Population Growth by Metropolitan Area PDF | Excel
Household Characteristics PDF | Excel
Licensed Drivers in Leon County PDF | Excel
Origins of FSU and FAMU Students PDF | Excel

Workforce & Income

Employment PDF | Excel
Unemployment Rate PDF | Excel
Unemployment Compensation Claims PDF | Excel
Average Annual Employment/Wages by Ownership PDF | Excel
Average Annual Employment/Wages of Private Industries PDF | Excel
Median Family Income PDF | Excel
Educational Attainment PDF | Excel
Non-Agricultural Employment by Industry PDF | Excel
Fastest Growing Occupations PDF | Excel
Occupations Gaining the Most Jobs PDF | Excel
Projected Employment by Industry: Fastest Growing Industries PDF | Excel
Per Capita Personal Income PDF | Excel
Labor Force PDF | Excel
Occupational Employment and Wages PDF | Excel
Major Employers PDF | Excel

Economic Factors

Gross Domestic Product by Metropolitan Area PDF | Excel
Productivity (GDP per Employee) PDF | Excel
Exports From Tallahassee MSA PDF | Excel
Tallahassee International Airport Traffic Statistics PDF | Excel
Leon County Tourism PDF | Excel
Taxable Sales, Change from Previous Year PDF | Excel
Taxable Sales, By Category PDF | Excel
Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) PDF | Excel
FDIC Summary of Deposits PDF | Excel
Cost of Living Index PDF | Excel
Florida Price Level Index PDF | Excel
Regional Price Parities for Tallahassee MSA PDF | Excel
Homestead Exemption in Leon County PDF | Excel


Higher Education Institutions: Enrollment PDF | Excel
Higher Education Institutions: Enrollment by Level and Full-Time Status PDF | Excel
Higher Education: Degrees Conferred PDF | Excel
Public School Enrollment PDF | Excel
Public School Graduation Rate PDF | Excel
Leon County Public School Grades PDF | Excel
Higher Education: Graduation Rate PDF | Excel
Financial Aid Received by Undergraduate Students PDF | Excel
Tallahassee MSA Contributions from Florida Lottery PDF | Excel

Community & Environment

Electric Service Points PDF | Excel
Health Resource Availability PDF | Excel
Crime Index for Tallahassee MSA PDF | Excel
Public Safety: Leon County Crime Rate PDF | Excel
Public Safety: Campus Crime Rate PDF | Excel
Property Tax Rate PDF | Excel
Tallahassee’s History of Annexations PDF | Excel
Climatic Data PDF | Excel
Agriculture in Tallahassee MSA PDF | Excel
Homeownership Rate in Tallahassee MSA PDF | Excel
Motor Vehicle Crashes in Leon County PDF | Excel
Vehicle Registrations in Leon County PDF | Excel

Residential & Commercial Development

Residential Development PDF | Excel
Mortgage Foreclosures PDF | Excel
Single Family Home Sales and Median Price PDF | Excel
Urban Service Area Development PDF | Excel
Food Service and Lodging Facilities PDF | Excel
Commercial Development PDF | Excel
Historical Office Vacancy Rates PDF | Excel
Office Market Survey PDF | Excel
Housing Unit Inventory PDF | Excel
Residential Vacancy Rates PDF | Excel
Housing Units Authorized in Tallahassee MSA PDF | Excel
Market Statistics for Tallahasssee Metro Area PDF | Excel
New Elevators in Leon County PDF | Excel


Nonemployer Statistics for Tallahassee MSA PDF | Excel
SBIR/STTR Grants PDF | Excel
Patents Awarded in Leon County & Tallahassee MSA PDF | Excel
Total R&D Expenditures at FAMU and FSU PDF | Excel

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