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T.J. Lewis, Business Development Manager

As the official Economic Development Organization for the state of Florida, Enterprise Florida is helping to promote the sunshine state’s business-friendly climate with the aim of boosting employment opportunities for Floridians in several key industries. The organization promotes pro-business state tax policies, competitive cost of doing business and a streamlined regulatory environment common to all of the state’s 67 counties. The goal is to offer Florida as an alternative to high-tech states such as California, New York and Texas for companies looking to relocate or grow their operations. Enterprise Florida uses its resources to promote the services it offers in concert with partnering agencies such as the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, CareerSource Florida, Visit Florida, the Florida Regional Councils Association and its more than 74 local EDO Partners, including the Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality (OEV).

In a state as large as Florida, communities are actively searching for ways to stick out and grab the eye of the next job recruitment opportunity. Some companies seeking to cluster near others within the same industry, others looking at the state overall aiming to discover their best-fit location in terms of competitively priced real estate with access to airports, interstates, freight rail and cargo ships and flexible land-use policies. Perhaps a company seeks an opportunity to locate near a world-class University to benefit from ongoing research, training and a highly-educated talent pipeline. And there is the company looking to Florida’s warm climate yet aiming to avoid nagging traffic congestion, long commute times and a web of toll roads – preferring instead, the experience of a more natural work-life balance complete with pristine lakes for fishing, undeveloped shorelines, expansive forest for bird watching and towering centuries-old oaks and Spanish moss draped over miles and miles of trails – something Florida’s Capitol Region offers in abundance.

Enterprise Florida helps industries find their place in Florida using a system powered by GIS WebTech, making it easier than ever to locate the state’s available Mega/Giga Site for manufacturing operations, map incentive and opportunity zones, locate the infrastructure needed to support the transportation of their goods and services, or centers of education or the ever-important broadband connectivity needed for rapid communication with outlying markets in addition to showcasing Commercial Real Estate listings found commonly on other popular internet-based platforms.  Tallahassee, the state Capital where growth continues on a steady upswing and Real Estate exists to support Florida’s next great industrial frontier has been missing from the Enterprise Florida Properties map. That is until now!

Today, the Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality is proud to announce, as a component of the redesign of our website, we have partnered with GIS WebTech to put Tallahassee on Florida’s map! The new OEV website will feature the same resources found on the Enterprise Florida Property locator with a simple click from but even more exciting for us is that visitors to the Enterprise Florida portal will soon be able to explore Real Estate availability in and around Tallahassee!

We believe this new partnership will be a true benefit to Economic Development opportunities in our region and a great benefit to local property owners and brokers aiming to increase transaction activity in our market. Look for this transformative new tool coming soon to our new OEV website, as our team works through the following months to partner with Tallahassee’s real estate brokers to populate their listings into this new system free of charge as we build up and promote Tallahassee’s offerings to the many companies looking to grow into the great state of Florida!



T.J. Lewis is the Business Development Manager at the Office of Economic Vitality. He is respected for his knowledge in Growth Management, Planning and Real Estate Development and Public Administration. Contact T.J. Lewis at

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