Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprise Consolidated Policy

Following the acceptance of a consolidated Minority, Women and Small Business Enterprise Policy and the 2019 Disparity Study by the Intergovernmental Agency Board of Directors—the MWSBE Division of the Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality operations, once separated (or served separately by Leon County and the City of Tallahassee), are fully consolidated. The certification of minority and women-owned firms and small businesses with less than 200 employees and $5 million in sales; the assigning of uniform aspirational goals for all Request for Proposals (RFPs); and, the scoring of RFPs are all managed using the OEV MWSBE Division by the consolidated policy for all three jurisdictions.

The MWSBE Division in the Office of Economic Vitality purposefully mitigates the disparity identified in the 2019 Disparity Study by encouraging the utilization of minority and women-owned firms in fulfilling the procurement needs of the City of Tallahassee, Leon County Government and the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency. The MWSBE Division will also utilize the competitive advantage found in its policy to encourage business expansion and job creation through mentor-protégé relationships, partnerships and the employment of externs and apprenticeships on projects.

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