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Florida’s Capital City: A Culture of Community

The Tallahassee | Leon County Planning Department’s vibrant and comprehensive approach emphasizes citizen collaboration to convert areas struggling with redevelopment and functionality issues into aesthetically pleasing public spaces that engage local residents and support local businesses, like Cascades Park. Their DesignWorks urban design team handles placemaking districts, wayfinding signage, special projects, and private design consultations with a focus on improving public spaces.

The Council on Culture & Arts (COCA) is a non-profit organization that serves as the facilitator and voice for the arts and cultural industry in Florida’s capital area. COCA provides information and promotes the arts and culture to both citizens and visitors. Check out their website for more information about how they build the community’s artistic capacity.

Retirees also add to the rich fabric of our community, thanks to the favorable climate, opportunities to mentor young professionals and volunteer with a large number of the area’s charitable organizations, and intentional placemaking efforts designed to create public places for all to enjoy. Check out Choose Tallahassee for more reasons why Florida’s Capital is a top destination to live and play.

Blueprint 2000: Planning the future of Florida’s Capital City

The Blueprint 2000 program incorporates economic, environmental, and social values to solve local challenges so that the community’s water management, public access/transportation, and land use needs complement the quality of life that is important to residents in Florida’s Capital City.

To learn more about how Blueprint 2000 projects have preserved and created green space and community gathering spaces while upgrading the community’s infrastructure, click here.

Visit Tallahassee

Florida’s capital county shares a deep-rooted history and culture with unparalleled natural adventure and an upbeat vitality. From performing arts to outdoors and nature, Tallahassee offers something for everyone. If you’re looking to explore our community, stay or dine here, or check out our year-round events, connect with Visit Tallahassee, your one-stop-shop for planning your stay. Also, search #IHeartTally across your social networks to see what locals have to say about our community.

Downtown Tallahassee: Always in Session

Florida’s political epicenter draws visitors from around the state and nation each year to visit the Capitol. The influx peaks each spring, when the legislative session opens and people pour in to mind the state’s business. But what isn’t as well known is that the heart of the Capital City is Downtown Tallahassee, whether or not the Legislature is in town. Downtown Tallahassee is known for it’s beautiful parks, boutique hotels, unique and exciting dining, museums, arts, music and natural resources. So regardless of what brought you here, being here will guarantee you an experience vibrant with entertainment, culture and delight.

Giving Back

Due to their proximity to important policy makers, nearly 1,000 nonprofits call the capital region home. From national organizations to home-grown non-profits, Tallahassee | Leon County offers many options for residents to connect with others who share their passion for making the world a better place.


Once a heavy industrial zone, College Town is now a premier district where college students and young professionals live, dine, shop, and celebrate life.

College Park is where Tallahassee Downtown’s businesses meet our world-class universities. From the legendary Wescott Fountain at Florida State University to Capitol Hill, College Park’s College Avenue is the well known centerpiece with its great vistas from hill to hill. Stately sorority houses, the FSU College of Law and a multitude of urban apartments can be found in College Park.

All Saints is a hidden gem just steps away from downtown Tallahassee. Brownstone-style residential units sit atop hip eateries and unique pubs and offer quick access to Railroad Square, where creative minds express their abilities through art, music, food, and craft brews.

History, art, geography, and the great outdoors were blended together to create Cascades Park. This 24-acre park offers something for everyone, including 2.3 miles of biking and walking trails, an outdoor amphitheater, landscaped green space and ponds, and an outdoor museum.

The Governor’s Walk District is a six-block area filled with historic mansions, iconic businesses, and the city’s chicest condos and boutique hotels.

Capitol Hill is where the past meets present and future. Home of Florida’s Historic Capital and the entire Capitol Complex, City and County governments, and some of the oldest and most popular hangouts for movers and shakers, Capitol Hill is where policymakers make their mark.

Applications for Leon CARES Assistance Open On Monday, August 17 at 8 a.m.
If you have been impacted by COVID-19, you may be eligible to receive direct assistance through Leon County’s Leon CARES program starting Monday, August 17. Leon CARES provides federal funds to meet critical community needs related to COVID-19.
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