MWSBE Spotlight: Kitschy Wearable Art


Chrissy Souders is a woman of multiple talents, a seasoned broadcast journalist and innovative founder of Kitschy Wearable Art. Her collaborative spirit and unique eye for new trends made her a natural for Women Wednesdays, a local grassroots initiative to make Tallahassee a #1City4Women.

When COVID19 hit, she jumped into action to transform Women Wednesdays’ weekly speakers series into a powerful new live streaming platform using technology she discovered and perfected. Further live streaming collaborations followed as an outpouring of interest in Chrissy’s talents and expertise was requested community-wide. She is now able to offer her decade of media experience in front of and behind the camera to consult with other businesses on how they can host professional broadcast-styled livestreams, complete with branding and community engagement software.

You’ll regularly find Chrissy on a wide array of forums across the community as demand for her quality live streaming is needed to keep organizations productive and connected during the challenges of COVID19. This new visibility and collaborative spirit was also a factor in Chrissy’s company Kitschy Wearable Art catching the eye of DivvyUp Socks, one of Tallahassee’s fastest-growing companies. Now in partnership, together DivvyUp Socks and Kitschy Wearable Art are utilizing this upcoming holiday season to launch a new photo jewelry collection using Kitchy’s unique resin jewelry technology and DivvyUp’s signature pets and people product line.

It is this innovative and collaborative spirit that is the strength of Tallahassee, a city where we know we are stronger when we work together, where we can all bring our talents to the table. And it is multi-talented women like Chrissy that are reflective of the energized and ever-increasing numbers of women entrepreneurs in Tallahassee, and why we are well on our way to becoming #1City4WomenTally. 

Connect with Chrissy and her services at or


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