DataTALKS is a series of recorded economic data discussions that provide an inside look into Tallahassee-Leon County’s economic trends using the robust data metrics that the Office of Economic Vitality Research and Analytics Division tracks. DataTALKS is a featured series derived from our quarterly data focus that provides an accessible digital platform by which to communicate economic data to a wide audience.

State Government Employment

State government employment in the Tallahassee metro area has been consistent over the past 30 years. Employment growth has come mostly from the private sector, so that the proportion of state jobs to total employment has decreased from 30% in the 1990s to 25% in the 2010s. Learn more about the Florida State employment in the Tallahassee MSA and how it relates to statewide trends.

Job Creation and Destruction

Job creation is the sum of all employment gains from expanding establishments from one year to the next, and job destruction is the sum of all employment losses from contracting establishments from one year to the next. Learn more about jobs and the dynamic life cycle of a developing economy.

Student Retention

Florida A&M University and Florida State University students account for 80% of the 65,000 higher education students enrolled in Leon County. Learn more about the graduate retention rate in the Tallahassee metro area from FAMU and FSU students.

Taxable Sales

In 2018, taxable sales in Leon County totaled $4.36 billion, nearly 20% higher than a decade earlier. Learn more about the trends of taxable sales in Florida’s Capital Region.

Cost of Living

The Office of Economic Vitality participates in the Cost of Living Index produced by The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER). Learn how the Tallahassee urban area matches up to other cities in the study.

Homestead Market Value

Residential investment plays a central role in the capital formation process for most communities with direct and lasting effects on the the rate of economic growth. Learn more about the total market value in Leon County.


Our local economy isn’t just connected to our metro area, it’s connected to the world. Learn more about the export activity coming from Florida’s capital.

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