Research Services
Research Services


A skilled and educated workforce drives economic vitality, which is why we are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent for your business. We offer tailored workforce development assistance and will help your business find and grow the workforce of tomorrow. In partnership with regional workforce developers, services include workforce development, incentive management, referral information, and technical assistance.

Market studies

It is crucial to understand the area and consumer base before making Tallahassee the home of your business, which is why our Business Development Division is here to assist you. Our professional team provides a market demand analysis, local and national economic reports, an analysis of corporate and industrial real estate market conditions, and more to prep your business. We also offer assistance in site selection with industry-leading technologies such as Buxton, EMSI, and CoStar Analytics, to ensure you find a location tailor-made for your business.


The Office of Economic Vitality offers you the information you need on consumer spending patterns, real estate trends, labor market statistics, and more to help guide your decision to grow with our community. Our professional team also delivers solid data supporting a location in Tallahassee and develops a competitive incentive package.


SizeUpOEV is an interactive tool that allows small and medium-sized businesses to make data-driven decisions with information that is current, industry-specific and hyperlocal.


As the local economic development organization for Tallahassee, we are interested in helping provide all available resources and assistance to area manufacturing organizations, helping them grow and develop in the most efficient way possible. We have worked with FloridaMakes to determine how Big Bend’s manufacturing community can accomplish these objectives. In response, the Big Bend Manufacturers Association (BBMA) is being developed. FloridaMakes is a conglomeration of regional manufacturing associations throughout Florida that work together to share information, resources, and knowledge to help the companies achieve and surpass the goals and targets they seek to obtain.