MWSBE Projects Map
MWSBE Projects Map

The Office of Economic Vitality’s Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprise (MWSBE) Division has created the Projects Aeronautical Reconnaissance Coverage Geographic Information System (ArcGIS) Map to keep the public informed on the location and status of projects that the City of Tallahassee, Leon County, and Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency have awarded that have MWSBE participation.

Project Definitions

  • MWSBE Commitment: A dollar amount/percentage that a firm commits to utilizing MWSBE firms on a project.
  • Awardee: The selected responder of an offer of a specified prime contract.


  • This Dashboard is best viewed in a web browser other than Internet Explorer.
  • The Office of Economic Vitality’s MWSBE Divisions Project Dashboard will be updated at least once a month to reflect new projects.