Big Bend Manufacturers Association
Big Bend Manufacturers Association

In partnership with FloridaMakes, the Big Bend Manufacturers Association (BBMA) provides the Big Bend region with a regional cooperative centered around manufacturing. The goal of the BBMA is to provide much-needed assistance to area organizations helping them to grow and capitalize on new markets. This association will allow for the provision of resources and assistance to strengthen Florida’s high-wage manufacturing sector. This is achieved through eight programs:

  • Enterprise Assessments – A dedicated Business Advisor helps identify the capabilities and effectiveness of member businesses offering suggestions for growth and advancement.
  • Business Growth – Help identify strategies for growth, from working with manufacturers to identify new customers and new markets for existing products and services, to supporting innovation for service and product development.
  • Technology Acceleration – Accelerate the benefits of appropriate technology by identifying technology options and providing cost-benefit analyses, workforce training resources, and assessing new market opportunities – that help companies reduce risk and fully leverage technology enhancements. 
  • International Market Development – Assist companies in developing export strategies and connect companies to the right resources to help establish the systems, meet industry standards, and open the door to new international markets. 
  • Workforce Training – Collaborates with local, state, and national public and private resources to deliver specialized training, worker certification, hands-on experience, management training, and other advanced manufacturing education programs needed for today’s high-skilled jobs.
  • Supply Chain Optimization – Identify the technology needs and trends of specific supply chains, provide a step-by-step roadmap to help businesses address risk, increase visibility, and create opportunity through FloridaMakes.
  • Process Improvement – Work with companies to improve processes using continuous improvement efforts.
  • Sustainability – Takes a broad view of sustainability, from reducing environmental costs and impact to succession planning for long-term sustainability.

This initiative works to improve the productivity and technological performance of the manufacturing sector with a particular focus on helping small and medium-sized manufacturers generate business success and thrive in today’s technology-driven economy. By initiating this regional manufacturers association for the Big Bend region, we become more competitive in the national economic landscape while offering critical support for our local businesses.