Targeted Industries
Targeted Industries

Shaping the Community into A thriving hub

The Office of Economic Vitality commissioned a Targeted Industry Study, which included an Economic Retrospective and an Incubator and Accelerator Study. Together, the three reports provide information, analysis and strategic recommendations that support economic growth initiatives, including the marketing efforts. Key stakeholders, such as local officials, business owners and operators, non-profit, education and training leaders, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial support program leadership, were included to ensure a broad perspective was obtained and subsequently utilized to inform each report.

These four target industry sectors have been identified based on their ability to advance the private sector, diversify the regional economy, and remain resilient in the face of economic downturns or government policy changes while maintaining its competitive edge through accessing the unique research and development resources in Florida’s Capital for Business. View the full Targeted Industry Study here.

Applied Sciences & Innovation

Mostly noted as the Capital City of Florida and the home of Florida State University (FSU) and Florida A&M University (FAMU), Tallahassee-Leon County is also home to another treasure credited for attracting world-wide attention for research and corporate relocations, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Innovation Park, which houses the world’s strongest magnet. To bring attention to the presence of this hidden gem, the region now dubs itself, the Magnetic Capital of the World!

From research on lithium batteries and fuel cell technologies that can fundamentally change the way we power the devices of tomorrow, to clean renewable energy such as wind and solar our region is leading the charge. Innovation Park, as well as other thriving “smart parks” throughout the region, are also leading improvements to the energy sources of today such as refinements to petroleum, helping to convert abundant, lower-quality crude oil into quality usable fuel. New equipment is also being developed to help diagnose brain cancer and more quickly monitor the status of tumors in the human body.

The Tallahassee-Leon County region is at the forefront of computer memory storage technologies, research on diseases that affect food supplies, exploration of new materials from the natural world for development of new technologies (semi, super-conductors, newly grown crystals), improvements to automotive energy motor efficiency, air conditioners, robots and other devices as well as research that can lead to innovative drug development for global health threats from cancer to HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, migrates and brain injuries.

Access to research is one thing, strategically locating the facilities in which to conduct your Applied Sciences and Innovation enterprise is where Tallahassee separates from the herd.

Manufacturing & Transportation/Logistics

Tallahassee-Leon County is an urban oasis within an otherwise remote span of North Florida, yet the City’s unique location within Florida provides it with a strategic point from which to serve as a Manufacturing & Transportation / Logistics hub. Tallahassee is positioned like a hub in the center of a virtual wheel that captures key cities such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Charleston, SC, Columbia, SC, Savannah, Mobile, Pensacola, Panama City, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Montgomery, AL within its 300-mile spokes. Tallahassee lies between several deep-sea ports of North Florida (Jacksonville, Port St. Joe, Panama City, and Pensacola) connected to it by Interstate 10 and a network of railroads making it a fast and convenient hub for moving people and freight. Additionally, the Tallahassee International Airport is positioning itself as an international port of entry for passengers and freight as it looks to develop over 450 acres near the airport to support freight, flight training, and aircraft maintenance facilities.

Major employers

Professional Services & Information Technology

Access to government makes Tallahassee a natural choice within the Sunshine State. Tallahassee is a Gov-Tech hub with an unmatched advantage offering an abundance of entrepreneurial resources, access to renowned experts in various fields and Florida’s youngest and most educated workforce at the ready! Tallahassee companies create software to address the growing needs of the State of Florida, America’s 3rd largest state. Other states take notice of the quality work produced in our region and become clients aiding in our effort to export Tallahassee to the world. Tallahassee is able to provide easy access to all departments of the state of Florida, the Florida legislature, Supreme Court and Governor and benefits from an affordable Cost of Living and relaxed lifestyle you will not find in places like Miami or Orlando. And as if that’s not enough, the Colleges and Universities of Tallahassee are annually producing talent to ensure local Professional Services and IT firms can remain fully staffed and capable of growing with us.

Major Employers – Technology

Major Employers – Business Services

Health Care

Tallahassee-Leon County is capable and ready to diagnose every health issue imaginable with expertise, care and efficiency. The region’s growing medical community offers state-of-the-art hospitals, health care facilities and medical professionals to serve Tallahassee and beyond making this area a hub for medical care.

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare is the area’s only state-designated Trauma Center and the only accredited community hospital cancer program. In addition, it offers North Florida’s only Comprehensive Stroke Center, Neurological and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Units and accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI and Resuscitation and adult ICU center in the region, combining the latest medical technologies with patient and family-centered design amenities.

The Capital Regional Medical Center also provides several specialty departments to care for the area’s residents which include, The Florida Heart and Lung Institute, Capital Regional Behavior Health Center, and Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Center helping to fill niches in regional health care.

Capital Health Plan (CHP) also based in Tallahassee-Leon County is a leading medical insurance, primary care, and urgent care provider for the region. Among its wide array of medical services, CHP also provides the first-of-its-kind Disaster Recovery Center that helps to keep medical services online even during power outages which tend to occur in Florida particularly during Hurricane Season.

Combined, Tallahassee-Leon County’s Health Care industry are contribute significantly to the region’s growth and are focused on attracting and retaining the best medical professional to support the area’s unmatched quality of life.

Major Employers

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