Magnetic Capital of the World
Magnetic Capital of the World

Florida’s Capital may seem small, but the opportunity here is huge! We’re dedicated to leveraging our exceptional resources in magnetics technology & applied sciences to identify business opportunities in Tallahassee-Leon County.

Inside these Walls: Florida’s Most Powerful Attraction

Competitive Assets

Our scientific innovation resources are particularly strong—with 28 preeminent university research facilities, specialty manufacturing companies, cutting-edge firms, top-tier institutions of higher learning, and State and Federal government research facilities. 

The colocation of leading HBCU Florida A&M University and the preeminent Florida State University — along with workforce development support from the Tallahassee Community College Advanced Manufacturing Training Center and Lively Technical Center — has organically grown a critical mass of innovative companies seeking the best and brightest our state has to offer. 

Home of the Florida Bitter Magnet

The resistive magnets built at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory are the highest-field resistive magnets in the world. They use a technology called the Florida Bitter magnet, invented right here in Tallahassee. The approach was first done by Francis Bitter in the 1930s, hence the name Bitter magnet. The Florida Bitter magnet, developed in the 1990s, improved the technology dramatically by optimizing the shape and spacing of the cooling holes—increasing efficiency by 40%. Now, 4 out of 5 of the largest magnet labs in the world use the Florida Bitter magnet technology.

How it Works

Florida Bitter magnets use copper sheet metal with lots of cooling holes in it, as well as insulating sheets with the same cooling hole pattern; they are stacked into a helix, then put voltage across the coil; high currents flow through the coil, typically about 40,000 amps; cold water flows through the cooling holes at a speed of about 45 MPH. (If you didn’t have the cooling water, the magnet would melt in a couple hundredths of a second)


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