Business Advising
Business Advising

The Business Development Division serves as the liaison to partners across private, public, and educational sectors and works strategically to convey our community’s economic vitality to partners and prospective clients across our community. The Division oversees the implementation of our community’s long-range economic development strategic plan as well as ensures accountability, transparency, citizen engagement and professional management of economic development projects, programs and incentives.

Growing Your Business

The Division leads the sales, recruitment, business retention, and expansion activities to develop and diversify industry and growth in Tallahassee. By connecting these sectors, the Business Development staff help join forces to foster entrepreneurship advance local businesses, grow targeted industry sectors, and attract innovative companies to our area. We also work closely with industry leaders in the region across several targeted industry sectors to address these important growth markets. As your business grows its impact in our community and its industry at large, our Business advisors assist you with retention and expansion initiatives aimed at maintaining your momentum as you move forward. Location is everything! We work directly with you to find the perfect location for your business. Whether you are increasing staff, adding new products or services, or constructing a new headquarters, the Office of Economic Vitality team is standing by to assist your company in reaching its full potential. Your business is our future.

Financial Assistance

To assist businesses access to funding for needed research, relocation, training, and staffing, the Division manages a wide variety of state and local funding and support options. These financial options are focused on assisting target industry job creation. Our staff works closely with each business owner to help guide them throughout this process to pinpoint your needs and determine the qualifications for the incentives.

Ready To Build Your Future?

Let our Business Development team set you on the path to success. The Office of Economic Vitality is committed to ensuring your businesses will thrive and reach its highest potential. Our staff offers a variety of economic development tools to help businesses grow in our community.