Black Business Month Spotlight: Johnson+Milner


Johnson+Milner, Inc. (J+M) started in early 2013 when the founders Aaron Milner and George Johnson, Jr. took advantage of an opportunity to start a structural engineering firm while breaking away from an existing firm. They solicited the help of an engineering professor, Primus Mtenga, to bring additional years of knowledge and experience to the firm. J+M is focused on providing keen structural engineering services to architects, contractors, institutions, developers, and communities throughout North Florida and South Georgia. With multiple professional engineers, our team has a wide array of knowledge for how we can directly impact the built environment. With their work ethic, they pride themselves on treating every client with care no matter the magnitude of the project. The J+M team has made an effort, since its inception, to be frequent contributors to various community groups both monetarily and by giving time.

J+M chose to do business in the Tallahassee community because of the relationships they had cultivated over the prior years in the industry. Not to mention Tallahassee is the Capital of Florida, one of the largest states based on population, but it feels like a small town. Some of the benefits of doing business in Tallahassee is the amount of access you have to State and Local Government stakeholders along with organizations, such as the Office of Economic Vitality, the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, and the Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce. In this community, you are typically only a few degrees of separation from a potential decision-maker. The certification we received from the Office of Economic Vitality has given us a way to fight to be seen by those who would typically overlook us. Once seen, we can prove our abilities. With their assistance along with the other business advocates, we have been able to be a part of teams on major projects with the City of Tallahassee, FAMU, FSU, TCC, and the Leon County School Board.

Tallahassee has been home for us for a number of years and we look forward to seeing it reach its potential while hoping we can be a part of it. To learn more about Johnson+Milner, Inc, visit their website here.

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