Florida Job Growth Grant Fund

Governor Rick Scott recently announced that Enterprise Florida and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity are accepting economic development project proposals for the new $85 million Florida Job Growth Grant Fund. The Governor will be provided with vetted applications for final selection.

Eligible projects include community infrastructure investments or workforce training programs. Public infrastructure projects can include transportation and utilities needed to support economic development in Targeted Industries. Workforce training projects will equip Floridians with transferable, sustainable workforce skills applicable to more than a single employer, and for the necessary equipment associated with these programs.

According to Governor Scott, “With more than 1.37 million jobs created across our state since December 2010 and the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 10 years, it is clear that Florida’s economy has experienced incredible growth.” To continue on this growth trajectory, he states, Florida must be competitive “against other states and countries for new jobs, and we must aggressively fight to make Florida the best destination for business.”

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