Are you in the LOOP? OEV’s brand new Business Retention and Expansion initiative, the Capital Local Outreach Opportunity Program (CapitalLOOP), is underway and ready for business. Take advantage of our cutting-edge business intelligence and customized data analytics to perform location marketing and grow your business. Interface between community and government partners to ensure you are equipped with a full suite of economic development resources.
“CapitalLOOP marks an important step in increasing our community’s economic competitiveness. Having local business leadership engaged will ultimately help make the business more competitive in its own industry.” – Al Latimer, OEV Director
Companies that participate in comprehensive outreach programs with economic development organizations are statistically more likely to grow and expand. A specific value-added component that the CapitalLOOP model offers is partner engagement, a vital component of the Tallahassee-Leon County Economic Development Strategic Plan, which encourages OEV to marshal all available organizations toward common economic growth objectives. The launch of CapitalLOOP encourages collaboration among the many entities impacting economic development and includes several important characteristics:

  • Recognizing and leveraging the business engagement and intelligence provided by OEV’s community partners and including them in the problem-solving function to tackle any trending issues that arise;
  • Incorporating the business engagement efforts of the OEV’s Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprise division;;
  • Strategic, staggered program rollout; and;
  • Collecting business intelligence for location marketing.;
      Internal and external partners play a crucial role in assisting OEV with outreach and follow-up, and collaboration provides a mechanism to address challenges and leverage opportunities that are discovered during business consultations. Companies wishing to engage in a business consultation with OEV should email the Engagement & Operations team.

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October 18, 2022

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