Tallahassee Startup Promotes Nano Advancements
July 29, 2016 Comments Off on Tallahassee Startup Promotes Nano Advancements Uncategorized Office of Economic Vitality

Tallahassee startup FullScaleNANO has developed software that automates the processing of nanomaterials viewed under an electron microscope.

For research scientists, measuring and characterizing nanomaterials is a slow, manual process. FullScaleNANO’s software, NanoMet, accelerates the job by taking thousands of measurements, as well as “seeing” every individual pixel in an electron microscope and identifying the nanomaterials, says CEO and co-founder Jeffrey Whalen. The company recently received the Innovation Award at the TechConnect World Innovator Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C., in late spring.

Source: Florida Trend, August 2016

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