Director’s Message: Love Your Local this Summer


The summer is a great time to go outside, have a family fun day with your loved ones, and enjoy the sunny weather. With Summer 2021 on the horizon, how are you spending your days and enjoying your local community? As residents and consumers, we have an opportunity to help our favorite businesses grow and succeed or explore the many new businesses popping up in this area. During this time of year, our local, small businesses experience a seasonal shift in foot traffic, which is why I’m encouraging you to #LoveYourLocal.

The Office of Economic Vitality’s Love Your Local campaign is where commerce meets community, urging residents and neighbors to support local businesses. Here in Tallahassee-Leon County, we have an amazing variety of restaurants, shops, and other small businesses that provide so many unique products and services to our community. From experience, I know that there are many small businesses in our community that are worth a visit, so get out in the community and rediscover what they have to offer. Supporting local businesses has always had a positive impact on communities, supporting both the local economy and the local community. When local businesses thrive, the whole community benefits.

To learn more about Love Your Local, visit

Continue to stay healthy and Love Your Local Tallahassee, 

Cristina Paredes, Director 

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