Domi Station Creates $100 Million in Local Economic Impact According to Study


Tallahassee, FL, December 4th, 2020 – Domi Station, a non-profit business
incubator, accelerator, and coworking office space has contributed
significantly to the greater Leon County area economy since it first opened its
doors in a converted railroad building across from the Tallahassee rail station
in 2014. The combined economic outputs of Domi Station and the companies
incubated there exceeds $100 million dollars according to the Economic
Impact Analysis Report on Domi Station completed by Dr. Julie Harrington,
Ph.D., Director, Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis at Florida State

The report details the direct, measurable economic output associated with
Domi Station’s assistance with startups and small businesses looking to scale
growth through a variety of programs, mentorship, events, and office
infrastructure. Since its launch in 2014, Domi Station has served over 180
startups and 223 entrepreneurs who have attracted $18.3 million dollars in
investment. The Impact Analysis found a total economic output of $109.5
million, with 942 jobs and $39.4 million dollars in wages generated by Domi
Station and companies incubated there. A copy of the summary report is

“Leon County is proud to support Domi Station and its incubation of
start-ups, which spur economic development and capitalize on local talent to
create more jobs,” said Leon County Commission Chairman Rick Minor.
“Domi Station’s economic impact has been remarkable, and it’s a testament
to businesses, government, and nonprofits working together to drive real

“Since 2014, Domi has cultivated businesses in tech, retail, manufacturing,
and more, with graduates like DivvyUp, RMS/HWind, and Vale Foods,” said
OEV Director Cristina Paredes. “We’re committed to fostering the growth of
our local entrepreneurs right here in Tallahassee-Leon County and thrilled to
see measurable impacts of Domi and look forward to cultivating future
incubator graduates.”

“It’s been incredible to see Domi’s growth and contributions to our
community’s entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Domi Station’s Executive
Director Bill Lickson. “The greater Tallahassee area is now being recognized as a great place to start and grow businesses. Domi Station has been a catalyst for helping create this positive momentum for our economy and community,” added Lickson.

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