Intern Spotlight: Gabriella Garcia


The Office of Economic Vitality is proud to welcome and spotlight the newest member of our team, Gabriella Garcia. She has joined our MWSBE team as a Graduate Intern. Gabriella is currently pursuing a Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied American Politics and Policy Candidate at Florida State University and will graduate in May 2022.  She is also a member of the Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honor Society. Learn more about Gabriella as a part of our Intern Spotlight. Since joining our office, Gabriella has been a great influence in adding a new language setting to the OEV website that enables users to view content in Spanish, now making the OEV website available in English and Spanish.

If you could pick one theme for OEV to turn into a book about OEV what would it be?

The theme for the book would be representation, written for young minorities and women entrepreneurs. It would discuss representation before MWSBE-type programs and representation currently. It would include discussing the availability of government programs to assist underrepresented entrepreneurs and the resources that are available in hopes of debunking some of the myths that exist concerning government programs.

What are 3 words you would use to describe the MWSBE Division?

Supportive. Driven. Inspiring. The MWSBE Division is supportive of minority-owned and women-owned businesses, which drives the Division to continue its efforts; and entrepreneurs are encouraged to utilize the resources available through the Division which inspires entrepreneurs to keep going.

What have you gained from working in the MWSBE Division?

I have gained knowledge of the inner workings of the City and County government. I find this satisfying because I am realizing a goal to work for the government and I’m helping women and minorities. The feedback I have received from some of our certified business owners that I have been able to assist I think is super cool!

If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

I would interview Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She became what she desired in spite of the obstacles she faced.  Her advocacy paved the way and inspired other women to achieve their goals, including Sonia Sotomayor who is the first Hispanic-American female Supreme Court judge.

What advice do you have for a future graduate intern with the MWSBE Division?

Organize. Find the best method to complete your assignments, achieve your goals, and be productive in the easiest and most efficient way possible regardless of the project or assignment.

Final Thoughts?

This is a great place to work. Everyone is open and inviting, which makes the work easier. If you have a goal, work hard, and remember everything is a process. Your current opportunity will only build upon your next opportunity.

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