MWSBE Certification Tips


Shanea Wilks, Senior Coordinator

Certifying businesses in Tallahassee-Leon County is vital to equipping Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprises (MWSBEs) with the resources necessary to compete and excel in today’s marketplace. If you’re interested. The certification process for MWSBE Certification and Recertification is available to complete online at

You must create an account to access the system.  This includes providing information that will establish your business profile; and your login information for accessing the system in the future.  The great news is that you will only enter this information once.  If you decide to apply for certification the information automatically populates the associated application fields. 

The following are a few tips to aid you in completing the certification application and keeping your business information updated within the B2Gnow System:

  • Tip #1 – If your contact information changes (this includes your business address, email address, or phone number), please be sure to update this information on your business profile to ensure you that staff or other vendors are able to contact you.
  • Tip #2 – Remove anyone listed as a user on your business profile that is no longer employed by your business.  Click Request New User and submit the online form to request a new user account.  By completing this process, you will keep your staffing information current within the system.
  • Tip #3 – Ensure you are completing the correct certification.  If unsure of which application to submit, contact the MWSBE Division before starting the process. Submitting the incorrect application form will result in a processing delay and possible denial.
  • Tip #4 – Provide supporting documentation that is consistent with the information provided in the application.  Inconsistencies in the ownership names or addresses will result in a delay in the application.  Supporting documents are required to complete the application and PDF is the preferred format.  Ensure all uploaded supporting documents are clear and easy to read.  Photo images that are blurry or difficult to read will result in a delay in the application process.
  • Tip #5 – If you feel a requested supporting document does not apply to your business, you may submit a statement that the requested information does not apply.  Please note that if the information is vital to enable staff to make a certification determination, additional information will be requested.

For assistance, you may contact MWSBE staff at 850-219-1080 or you may email us at

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