Ensuring that all businesses have an equitable chance to grow and thrive in Tallahassee-Leon County is central to OEV’s mission to promote economic development in our community.
“With our partners, we can help minorities and women take advantage of all the tools in the OEV tool kit to help them grow” – Darryl Jones, MWSBE Deputy Director
Take, for example, Ja’Baree Allen, who recently obtained MWSBE certification for his new business, Business Automation Pros. Mr. Allen’s participation in the program not only resulted in certification and advanced training, but it also provided him with personalized advice and referrals to help expand his business. Additionally, Mr. Allen made a connection with the FAMU Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to help achieve his financing and marketing goals.
“My experience with the MWSBE division at OEV was an impactful one. They were thorough and knowledgeable, and the recommendation to connect with the FAMU Small Business Development Center has really helped with the growth of my company.” – Ja’Baree Allen, CEO, Business Automation Pros
Now that Mr. Allen is in the OEV “LOOP”, the MWSBE division will continue to monitor his progress toward goal attainment and offer customized support as his business grows.
MWSBE helps all businesses – whether certified or recertified – achieve their goals. As a part of the CapitalLOOP network, all participating businesses have access to economic development resources, across our individualized communications consulting, business analytics, and progress monitoring.

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