OEV Adds Six New Economic Indicators


OEV’s business analytics provides cutting edge data for informed decision-making and maximum competitiveness in Florida’s Capital for Business. Our data team maintains the most comprehensive database of economic statistics for Tallahassee-Leon County and has recently added six new economic indicators:

  • Job Creation and Destruction Rates in the Tallahassee MSA illustrates the long-term ebb and flow of jobs, and life cycle of jobs and firms in Tallahassee Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). This visualization paints a picture of local job growth and decline over time, an indicator of Tallahassee-Leon County’s overall economic health.
  • As the creation and demand for sole proprietorships and solo entrepreneurs continues to rise nationally, we’ve added the Non-Employer Statistics in Tallahassee MSA visualization to show what this trend looks like locally.
  • Productivity-GDP in Tallahassee MSA shows private sector GDP and GDP per private sector employee, indicating fluctuations in the private sector’s productive capability when capital mixes with labor.
  • Talent lives here. Higher Education Enrollment in Tallahassee MSA shows enrollment by full vs. part time, by graduate vs. undergraduate, and by institution. Combined with other educational data graphics, this information provides a comprehensive picture of Tallahassee-Leon County’s educated talent pool.
  • Unemployment Rate State of Florida and Tallahassee MSA reveals a 27-year trend of unemployment rates. This visualization demonstrates the historic unemployment rates both locally and across the state.
  • Safety – an increasingly important factor for both businesses and clients – has been added via the Crime Index for Tallahassee MSA, an index of property and violent crime offenses by type for the MSA.


Find these and other cutting edge visualizations at the OEV Data Center, and sign up today to receive our next Quarterly Economic Update for the latest economic trends in Tallahassee-Leon County.

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