Rolling Unit Presents Demo Product to Local Stakeholders

Rolling Unit, LLC., the North American expansion of Estonian-based MDSC Systems, is a trailblazer in manufacturing portable solutions designed for use in critical sectors such as military, emergency management, and healthcare. Their product is designed to be towed by standard vehicles—such as cars, SUVs, or vans—and boasts an impressive deployment time of just 15 minutes. This adaptability ensures that emergency response teams can swiftly transport the unit to any location, maximizing its utility across various scenarios. Their products have been used as mobile vaccination clinics, on-site command centers, and corporate logistical support. 

The Rolling Unit team recently showcased a demo unit to emergency response agencies in Tallahassee-Leon County, including the Leon County Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the Tallahassee Police Department, the Tallahassee Fire Department, and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. The presentation involved practical demonstrations of the unit’s capabilities, discussions on potential applications in emergency scenarios, and a collaborative dialogue to address the unique requirements of each agency. These interactions ensure that Rolling Unit’s technology aligns effectively with the diverse needs of those critical in safeguarding the community.

Rolling Unit (AKA Project Guard) is a current, active project at the Office of Economic Vitality, exploring Tallahassee-Leon County as home to its North American manufacturing operations once U.S. demand increases. Our area’s central location offers logistical advantages that make it accessible for nationwide distribution. Additionally, Tallahassee’s cost efficiency, coupled with its supportive business environment, presents an attractive proposition for establishing and expanding manufacturing operations. The favorable combination of these factors positions Tallahassee as a compelling choice for the company’s future manufacturing endeavors.

Learn more about Rolling Unit’s products by watching the video below!

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